A large archive of magazines from Computer true PDF, download and read magazines online. Computing Magazine July read online or download free PDF monthly Computing Magazine which is one of most famous Information. With the re-branding of computing power and machines as was the proliferation of computer-related magazines and newsletters that gave a.

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Creative Computing was one of the earliest magazines covering the microcomputer revolution. Published from October until December. Mar 11, Computing Magazine January Read online or download free PDF monthly Computing Magazine which is one of most famous Information. Computerworld Magazine issue index of issues and subscriber information.

I have one of the few complete sets in existence. The Best of Creative Computing has the bulk of the first years of that magazines articles, etc.

These are volumes 1 and 2 although I have 1, 2 and 3 as well as a nearly complete set of Creative Computing. Popular computing was a newsletter that pre-dated even Byte. The issues I have are from and , but represent the 4th volume forward. They were distributed as stapled photocopies. Anyone intersted in selling? Check the completed listings on site, then please send me an offer.

Anybody interested in any or all of these please contact me UK based. Submitted September 28, by David Golibersuch Downsizing. I have the complete collection of Apple Softalk magazine from 1st issue, Sept. All in excellent condition.

Anyone want? Submitted September 23, by Sheldon Howard I have the following magazines for sale, all are Volume one, Number one and all in fine condition. One each of: onComputing, ROM, 80 microcomputing. No reasonable offer refused, Submitted September 17, by Rosette Lopez i was wondering if you wanna download my collection of International Design magazine i have about 20 to 30 PCS and up issues email me or give me a call at thank you..

Never knew there was so many different magazines on the go back then. Thanks for putting this on the internet. Submitted June 28, by Jerry Found several boxes in my storage room In pretty good shape.

Any interest? Submitted June 6, by Patrick. Submitted March 23, by Marcel Verdaasdonk You have quite the collection, ever thought about digitizing it? Can you give me the date and issue? Gives me pause every time i go to download a magazine, If I download it will that put it out of business, or cause it to change its name and focus! Is this the one written by Fred Gruenberger? If so, would you be willing to copy and send some issues for a reasonable fee?

Is there any value to them? Submitted January 4, by Ron C Looking at your collection of old computer magazines sure brings back nostalgic memories.

Of when being a computer hacker had a different meaning. Those were exciting years.

I have old issues of the Association for Computing Machinery ACM journals and magazines from the to time frame. Would you be interested? Submitted August 19, by Emilie Courtney Do you know of any web sites that let you download for free. I am looking for all the tandy computer books.

My e-mail address is emiliecourtney hotmail. It stil has the 'tear-out' subscription forms attached. If interested please email me gsblyth at ewts. I haven't been able to find out much about it, or its value. I am interested in selling it if I can find out more.

Submitted March 18, by Adam Nathan Somebody back in mentioned a computer magazine called Forum ' That was my father's magazine. I believe somewhere I have some back issues. If you would like a copy I can see if I can find one for you. Let me know if you're interested. I believe, btw, that there was actually a Forum '70 or two. I hate to throw them out. If anyone wants them let me know. Submitted October 26, by Dan I have a collections of Computes gazette i am willing to sell Submitted July 28, by Amy I am looking for the computer magazine that had an artical about my uncle.

He was a certified genius and they featured him in it. I never got to meet him, he died before I was born. I don't have a yr or anything but some old photos. My grandmother told me this stuff. Can anyone help??

If you have one, or know someone who does, please let me know. Around 96 weekly issues were printed. Submitted August 19, by Brad Varnum I have been involved with computer design for many years until I retired last year.

Over the years I have accumulated many magazines, data books and manuals. I would appreciate any comments on the value of these items and any suggestions on how to market them. I'm willing to sell all. Submitted July 15, by phil bohm I have 2 boxes of the first issues of MacWorld.

Anybody interested n downloading them? Let me know. Submitted October 11, by Anthony Gross Hi there are your magazines still for sale?

I hate to just toss them out. They are interesting to look at, since things change so quickly. Submitted July 22, by Larry Nedry I'm selling my collection of vintage computer magazines.

Byte - 89 issues from thru Kilobaud - 30 issues from thru Submitted July 11, by James hi everyone. Can someone tell me how much these are worth? Started out with projects and softwares for the BigBoard, designed by Jim Ferguson a design essentially copied for the first Kaypros who sold rights to build clones to Xerox, for the Ran to something like 54 issues over maybe ten years?

Starting maybe late 's?

They also put out some software disk collections and Kaypro ROM monitor mods among other things. Thompson seemed to have burned himself out up in Bend, Oregon producing this magazine.

It was even carried on the magazine rack of B. Dalton stores. I've got 4 issues of Personal Computing a Hayden Publication. Submitted March 4, by Tom day Clearing out the attic and have come across a collection of magazines called Personal Computer World. This was hailed, at the time, Europes leading micro magazine. I liked the way they looked. I even kept them in their original brown slip cover for a number of years. I have them in a drawer to this day. Occasionally I look at them.

I wonder how many of these are around in this condition?

The Computer Magazine Archives

Every time I looked at them I was careful because I wanted them to be in good condition! Look and see, could be worth it!!

Email me denisboisvert gmail. Submitted November 7, by John I loved Kilobaud - they were software where Byte was hardware.

This page has me wallowing in nostalgia. I still have boxes of old Tech journals.

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Lots of water under the bridge. I will commit to having your children once male fertility technology has advanced to an appropriate level of development and testing. You should post again, and name the Magazine if you can. I'm sure someone will help you.. Has a picture of the VIC on the cover. I have not seen one like It. If you would like copies of these publications let me know and I will try to supply copies from what I still have.

It was published in Submitted April 26, by Erik Klein Re: I'm completely prepared for a total letdown here Which magazine is it from? Unless it's Byte I probably don't have a copy in my collection I'm not even sure my Byte collection is that complete from that year.

Submitted March 26, by Dave I have a few copies of some elderly magazines available. There from Have been used but not abused!!!!

Free,To a good home. Dave canuck46 Submitted March 2, by Sharen I have a full collection of Electronics Australia Magazines and am trying to find a new home for them, would you know who would be interested to download or have on display. D64 files for emulators I'm so lucky! Submitted January 15, by Brian Heise Would like to download that jr magazine you have or any others if they have come your way They stated that the magazine publisher hijacked their idea and published it as Interface Age. Additional filler was provided by a complete listing of the Fred Fish disks.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links.Eventually they became a monthly magazine until their demise. These often involved internal problems at Commodore Business Machines, the makers of the Amiga, and the alleged mismanagement of the company by its executives. Submitted July 22, by Larry Nedry I'm selling my collection of vintage computer magazines.

Computer Readout was a half catalog, half magazine publication. If so, would you be willing to copy and send some issues for a reasonable fee?