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PDF | On Jan 1, , Campbell Jones and others published Handle with care. You're the best thing that I've ever found;. Cadd9 D G (N.C) handle me with care. D Cadd9 G. / D Cadd9 G. /. Reputations changeable, situations tolerable. Handle With Care (Jodi Picoult, ) explores the knotty tangle of medical ethics and personal morality in the case of a disabled child and her mother's attempt.

She is starting first grade and is going to a camp for kids with OI. Amelia received treatment for her eating disorder and came back healthy and with a passion for painting. Charlotte wrote a recipe book as she used to be a pastry chef and is donating all the money to the OI Foundation. Sean and Charlotte reconcile and put the check aside for when they really need it.

Willow has always been jealous of her sister as she is a brilliant ice skater. One day, she wanders to a frozen pond alone and tries to crawl over it carefully, but the thin ice breaks under her weight, drowning her.

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Willow mentions how, this time, it wasn't her that broke. The story concludes with Charlotte saying that the check was buried with Willow.

After Willow's death, however, she tucks the check into the lining of Willow's coffin, never cashing it. He is a police officer who works hard to support his family. Although he initially attempts to set aside his personal feelings about the lawsuit in order to support Charlotte, his disgust for the wrongful birth suit eventually leads him to testify for the defense.

He also files for divorce from Charlotte, although they reunite eventually. Willow O'Keefe: Born with osteogenesis imperfecta - also known as brittle bone disease - leading to the family greatly needing money to pay for her treatment. She is extremely intelligent and is especially interested in trivia, and often reads while recovering from a bone break. During the lawsuit, she worries that her parents do not want her anymore because she isn't perfect. Near the end of the book, she goes out skating.

The ice breaks, and Willow, trapped underneath, drowns. He also files for divorce from Charlotte, although they reunite eventually. Willow O'Keefe: Born with osteogenesis imperfecta - also known as brittle bone disease - leading to the family greatly needing money to pay for her treatment. She is extremely intelligent and is especially interested in trivia, and often reads while recovering from a bone break. During the lawsuit, she worries that her parents do not want her anymore because she isn't perfect.

Near the end of the book, she goes out skating. The ice breaks, and Willow, trapped underneath, drowns. As she drowns, she reflects that she was loved, and that this time, it wasn't her that broke.

Handle with care: a novel

Amelia O'Keefe: Willow's older half-sister, who is overshadowed by her sister's illness. Amelia falls in love with a boy who has the same disease as her sister with whom she meets at a convocation for her sister.

She lies and tells them that she has OI, but he finds out. Eventually the differences in their health leads to him breaking up with her which further pushes her into isolation since her entire family is occupied by the lawsuit. She then develops bulimia and self-harms.

She begins shoplifting from various stores and she dyes her hair blue. Sean eventually discovers her secrets after Piper brings them to his attention because pipes burst in their home from being eroded by the stomach acid caused by her bulimia. Charlotte suggests that Amelia goes to a treatment center. Amelia, furious, states in court as a witness that Charlotte told Willow that she would never wish that Willow had never been born.

Charlotte admits later on that they should have discussed the treatment center as a family before she and Sean made that kind of decision. Marin Gates: The lawyer handling the O'Keefes' case, although she is privately opposed to it. She is adopted and searching for her birth mother, who she eventually discovers by chance on the jury for Charlotte's case. However, her mother tells her that Marin's father was a rapist and makes it clear she doesn't want to know her daughter.

Marin accepts this and becomes closer to her adoptive parents. Piper Reece: Charlotte's best friend and obstetrician, as well as the godmother to Willow. She is a competent doctor, although she takes an extended break from work during the lawsuit. Many states had banned wrongful birth suits.

In New Hampshire, a parent was responsible for the care of a disabled child their whole life — not just till age eighteen — which was as good a reason as any to seek damages. To put it bluntly: I rolled my eyes. He clapped me on the back. But if we were asked to defend a client who was a neo-Nazi in a criminal suit, could you do your job — even if you found his beliefs disgusting?

Bob shook his head. Charlotte winced. In the shape of skates. From scratch. The rest of the moms already blacklisted me because I missed the spring show for a medical conference.

While you were stitching an episiotomy? After being on call for thirty-six hours? You could bake circles around --what on earth are you doing? Not for a long time. Are you okay? Just then the older girls clattered down the stairs. The idea was just the germ of a seed, carried home in the hollow beneath my breastbone when we left the law offices. Even when I was lying awake next to Sean, I heard it as a drumbeat in my blood: For four years now I had loved you, hovered over you, held you when you had a break.

I had gotten exactly what I so desperately wished for: So how could I admit to anyone — much less myself — that you were not only the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me…you were also the most exhausting, the most overwhelming? They wanted to just run something by us. This time, Amelia was in school, but we still had to bring you. And this time, they were ready: When the secretary brought us back to meet the lawyers, we were not led to the conference room.

Instead she opened the door to an office that was a hundred different shades of white: You craned your neck, taking this all in. Was it supposed to look like Heaven?

And if so, what did that make Robert Ramirez? Does the name Marcus Cavendish ring a bell? Cavendish is Scottish. And according to him, it appears that you have a good cause of action of medical malpractice against your obstetrician. She should have been able to recognize that your baby was suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta back then, long before the next ultrasound, where the broken bones were visible.

My head was spinning; and Sean looked utterly confused. The implication is that if your provider had told you earlier on that your baby was going to be impaired, you would have had choices and options as to whether or not to continue with the pregnancy. Sean spoke for me: As he stood up, so did Robert Ramirez. Sean towered over the lawyer, and for a second, I thought he might swat Ramirez out of his way. At this, you lifted your face.

He pulled you into his arms, but too fast — the grape juice box you were holding tumbled onto the leather and then the floor, a rapidly spreading puddle as dark as blood.

That gorgeous, creamy leather; it would be ruined. He was already striding down the hall, volcanic, as I mopped up the juice. I realized that both lawyers were staring at me, and I rocked back on my heels. Bring two cups of milk just to a boil in a non-reactive saucepan.

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Handle with care: a novel

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Jodi Picoult

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Read an excerpt. About Handle With Care. What led you to OI as the topic for this book?This time, Amelia was in school, but we still had to bring you.

Emma Reece: the daughter of Rob and Piper. With processor running add yolk mixture to flour and butter until ball forms. Does anyone have the right to decide what kind of life is too limited to be worth living?

Piper Reece: Your body might betray you at every turn, but your brain picked up the slack.