Speed reading will allow you to read more materials in the same time that you spend reading now. Many techniques exist in speed reading, but you will find. Chapter 3: Understanding the Mechanics of Speed Reading. Part III: Advancing Your Speed-Reading Skills. Text in holy books such as the Bible and. The Speed Reading Bible: 37 easy speed reading techniques with proven results for you to apply immediately to any reading material (books, reports, journals.

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dozen or so proven techniques to increase your reading speed many the Bible and its commentaries and have discussion groups on their personal. Speed reading involves selecting the appropriate pace to support your These conditions act also to reduce comprehension increasing the reading rate. Speed-Reading Techniques. I was a Bible college student when one of our chapels featured a guest speaker who taught us how to speed-read. At the time I .

As though your hope of world peace depends on it. With an eye to the spectacular drama. My goal is to finish more quickly than I finished the previous year, or by all means to beat the first day of spring.

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I use a mobile-compatible app—I like YouVersion —so I can read anywhere at any time and be able to pick up where I left off. To be clear, the kind of reading I suggest is not mindless but voluminous, and for a season. The Bible expects us to read meditatively Psalm 1: Just as we can meditate on nibbles, so we can meditate on gobbles.

It does this in a number of ways. It helps me grasp the overall story of the Bible.

The Speed Reading Book

The story begins well, declines quickly, and builds tension through the Old Testament. It climaxes in Jesus and resolves with much hope. Consuming the whole Bible in a short period keeps the big picture prominent.

It reminds me the Bible is a work of literature. All year long, I get plenty of time to analyze short passages of Scripture in detail. But for this short season, I loosen my literary inhibitions and succumb to the glory of the most influential book on the market. I saturate myself in the biblical text, frolicking through it like a well-fed dolphin in open water.

I learn to see the Bible more as a collection of books than a collection of chapters, and the rhetorical intent of each human author comes alive.

It gets me through the difficult parts more easily. Ridiculing books like Leviticus and Chronicles is pretty hip these days.

But with a speedy reading plan, they go by quickly and make more sense in light of the whole. Leviticus shows the wilderness generation how to draw near to God and live in community. It heightens my anticipation for Christ.

But the promise of a dawning light pushes me on. The four Gospels blaze pure light like a God-man on a mountaintop, and I delight anew in the hottest piece of work on the planet.

A Bible Reading Plan for Readers

If you click the site or Westminster links above, this blog will receive a small commission on any downloads you make. Thank you for helping us to help ordinary people learn to study the Bible. Great article and suggestion! I often catch myself viewing my Bible reading as a chore that I just need to get through, but I devour other books with eagerness.

I appreciate the challenge to flip that view on its head. Do you prefer a certain kind of Bible for this plan?

I am so excited at the thought of this. And there is great reason for joy. Edit M.

PhotoReading Tips

Now I read books selectively. Name supplied, Businessman That it is possible to photoread 30 books a week.

None of the other students had read more than half a book and they knew almost nothing about the subject. Adam H. I can tell the difference!

I used to think something must be worth reading just because it was written in a book. Now I can evaluate books and decide which ones are worth reading. If I only need one or two bits of information from a book, I copy them down in the shop, or borrow the book from a library.

Jane N. Richard P. I used to think there was only one way of reading. Now I know useful photoreading techniques for getting through the factual information quickly — and I have more time for reading for pleasure.

Deirdre D. It was a great revelation to realise that I already had many of the skills I needed — I just had to apply them to books!

Now I recommend photoreading to all my clients. Thomas L.

And if I only want one bit of information from a book, then I only spend the time speed reading to get that one bit of information.In large doses over a few weeks. I was reading at WPM, within a day of this book I was reading at wpm with higher comprehension, because I found that the faster I read, a the less frustrated I got and b the more attention to the book I had to pay. When learning is concerned, sleep will boost your memory.

A Brief History of Humankind.

I used to think there was only one way of reading. Then start reading. What are you doing?