the Java Extreme Programming Cookbook doesn't try to "sell" you on XP; it . This is also a book about Extreme Programming (XP), which led us to choose the . Contribute to nvtuongcs/Ebook development by creating an account on GitHub. Brimming with over recipes for getting down to business and actually doing XP, the Java Extreme Programming Cookbook doesn't try to sell you on XP;.

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You can also increase the likelihood that programmers will run the tests by making it . cookbook/examples/src/com/oreilly/javaxp/junit/ O'Reilly - Java™ Extreme Programming Cookbook - DBLab Python Graphics Cookbook is a collection of straightforward recipes and illustrative. Java™ Extreme Programming Cookbook By Eric M. Burke, Brian M. Coyner Publisher: O'Reilly Pub Date: March ISBN: 0.

For now, it is sufficient to test that the form exists. Once the form is tested, you can move on to testing the content within the form as shown in the next recipe.

O'Reilly - Java™ Extreme Programming Cookbook - DBLab

The test fixture shown in Example is designed to make it easy to get to the WebForm object using the getBlankSubscriptionForm method. As you write more and more tests, you should look for repeated functionality and refactor it into helper methods as shown here.

Since most of the tests in this chapter require an instance of the WebConversation class, its initialization has been moved to the setUp method. Example shows a refactored version of the servlet that was originally presented in Recipe 5. As you can see, the println statements have been removed. Servlet that dispatches to a JSP package com. From the perspective of HttpUnit, the server-side architecture rarely matters. HttpUnit is simulating a web browser, so it does not need to know that the servlet is dispatching to a JSP.

Unit tests from earlier recipes tested NewsletterServlet when it was written using println statements. After refactoring the servlet to use RequestDispatcher, the tests still pass. These tests provide reassurance that the servlet implementation change did not break things that used to work. The final piece of the refactored web application is the JSP, shown in Example Since the test only checks to see if the form exists, the JSP is simple, only generating the form.

The code, a web application for subscribing and unsubscribing from a newsletter, evolved as the recipes were written. Writing a solid Ant buildfile that could easily compile and deploy the application to Tomcat was a major hurdle that took nearly as much time as writing most of the code. But this time was well worth the effort, because it made the test-first development of new features go incredibly quickly.

The initial servlet, as shown in Recipe 5. Once we got to the point where we wanted to test HTML forms, however, we decided to refactor the servlet so it delegated page rendering tasks to a JSP. While refactoring, we initially mistyped "subscription.

The existing unit tests failed. Without unit tests, we would have had to manually click on every hyperlink in the web application in order to catch these errors.

As your own apps grow, a full suite of unit tests becomes increasingly valuable. WebForm provides numerous methods to check that buttons, fields, radio buttons, and other elements exist on the page. When you first write this test, it fails because the buttons do not exist yet. After observing the test failure, you can update the JSP from Example to include the two buttons. Next, you might want to test for fields that allow the user to enter their name and email address. Here is that test code: We are looking for input fields with certain names.

You can also use the getParameterValue method to check for other HTML form elements, such as lists and multiline text areas. Example shows the JSP, containing all of the form elements that our tests are checking for. This is a simple page layout, but you can add fancy layout and graphics later.

Again, having the unit tests in place allows you to make page layout changes later without fear of accidentally breaking the web application functionality that currently works. Figure Newsletter subscription page It is important to note that the HttpUnit tests are not verifying every aspect of page layout. While they do a good job of testing the page's functionality, you must still manually inspect the actual web application to ensure the page layout is visually appealing and correct.

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Java Extreme Programming Cookbook

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Java Extreme Programming Cookbook

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SendMail Cookbook.Essential System Administration 3rd Edition. Roy will also be on hand to discuss XP in the associated discussion forum. The full article is provided "as is" in a PDF file.

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