With the publication of The Average American Male — and the release of the shocking viral videos that made it a water-cooler sensation — Chad Kultgen. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Testosterone-fueled fiction. Readers who got a kick out of Lie: A Novel - site edition by Chad Kultgen. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . With the publication of The Average American Male -- and the release of the shocking viral videos that made it a water-cooler sensation -- Chad.

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The Lie book. Read reviews from In THE LIE Chad Kultgen is on to stereotyping college students. A very sick Kultgen's second book, The Lie, trumps the first soundly. This is the Download app for iOS Download app for Android. THE LIE C L TAYLOR site COM BOOKS | THESES AND about STRANGE ANIMALS NOVEL CHAD KULTGEN, its contents of the STRANGE ANIMALS NOVEL CHAD KULTGEN available for free PDF download. 8 chad kultgen “Articles” “written” by Oprah: Six (including the O magazine staple “What I Know for Sure,” in which Oprah lies about how hard her life is and.

A fast paced thriller that is both an excellent page turner and a very good novel that is full of very strong characters. I enjoyed the book so much that I plan to I would like to thank both Net Galley and my Goodread friend Jules for recommending this book to me. I enjoyed the book so much that I plan to read another of the authors books "The Accident" very soon.

Nov 21, Karen rated it really liked it. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the publisher which has been glaring at me from the bookshelf, until I couldn't wait any longer and bumped it up to the top of the TBR.

Five years ago, Jane Hughes was called Emma Woolfe and she and three friends set out for the holiday of a lifetime to Nepal. The fun that they were expecting however soon turned into a ni Having read C L Taylor's debut thriller last year, The Accident, which I loved, The Lie was on my wishlist as soon as it was announced. The fun that they were expecting however soon turned into a nightmare. The suspense starts at the very beginning when Jane receives a letter at the animal sanctuary where she now works, indicating that someone knows her secret.

I was hooked already and intrigued to find out why Jane changed her name and what did she have to hide? The story then flips between the present and the past.

We also see the cracks that gradually appear in the friendship and watch it becoming something nasty and frightening.

The characterization is so good - people who you thought were trustworthy turn out to be anything but and the sinister undertones increase as gradually the story unfolds. All four friends had flawed but interesting characters. They may not have been very likeable but each had their own issues which all played a part in the trauma that was to follow.

The Ektanta yatra retreat, where they were staying, was anything but a haven of peace and tranquility, some of the people there may have seemed charming and welcoming but a few had an agenda of their own. Most of the time my sympathy was with Emma — there were times when I thought she was a bit naive but I could identify with her character and I felt for her at the way she was treated.

This excellent story has so much going for it — there is a wonderful sense of place, particularly the setting in Nepal and there is darkness to the plot which made me worry for the four friends and added to the sense of fear as I turned the page. May 21, Petra rated it really liked it Shelves: She embarked on the trip of a lifetime with three female friends visiting a "retreat" in Nepal.

What happened during their time ab "Your past doesn't have to define your future, not if you won't let it" is one of the messages in The Lie.

This was my first time reading a book by British author C. Taylor, and I really enjoyed it. The Lie was a very sinister and atmospheric tale of psychological suspense. At one stage, I was doubting everybody who was around Jane, completely unsure whom to trust. Jane was a very likable character, but there weren't many of those. I thought the book was extremely good at depicting the dynamics of groups.

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Firstly, the female toxic friendships that were shaped by competitiveness, envy and bitterness and secondly, the group dynamics at the "retreat" in Nepal, which showed how easily people can be manipulated and how dangerous a situation can turn once a follow-the-leader environment has been established.

However, there were some situations in Nepal as well as in Wales where I felt the plot was losing some credibility. Nevertheless, it was such a tense, fast-paced and provocative story, which was refreshingly different, I really liked it and will seek out more by this author. Many thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark for my copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Mar 02, Margaret Madden rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jane has a nice settled life.

Living and working in the Welsh countryside has its benefits. A job in the local animal sanctuary, a new boyfriend with great potential as a keeper and a peaceful existence overall. However, she has been hiding the truth from everyone and an anonymous note may be the beginning of the end of her quiet days, as her secret comes back to haunt her.

Five years previously, a different world, a different circle of friends and a summer of change. A girls holiday, a right o Jane has a nice settled life. A girls holiday, a right of passage that most young women enjoy before settling down and having kids. Sun, adventure and escapism. What could go wrong?

Taylor has taken the concept of a girls trip and twisted it on its axis, bringing the reader on a journey to hell.

Jane and her three girlfriends decide to escape their humdrum lives and a recent heartbreak to Nepal, with expectations of luxury spa treatments, trekking up mountains and a safari finale. The planning is quickly arranged, finances sorted and off they go. Lazing around the pool, lizard watching, having a few beers and laughing til their bellies ache.

The sun beats down and the girls begin to unwind. Unfortunately, tensions build at break neck speed and the atmosphere becomes icy, despite the heat. Things take an even darker twist when the girl hike up a mountain to stay at a commune for meditation and massage. There is a sinister aura and friendships are tested to the extreme. Lies, deceit and disappearances replace the plans for retreat and relaxation.

Just who can be trusted? Will everyone make it back down the mountain in one piece? This is my favourite thriller of the year, so far! I read it in one day and completely ignored my family for the duration.

Book Review No need to call social services, my husband had the day off. A psychological thriller to rival The Girl on The Train, this is a cracker of a novel. From the beginning, the reader is aware that Jane has a secret, one that is serious enough to warrant a change of name. As Taylor peels back the layers from her characters, teasingly switching time frames, there is a real need to read 'just one more page'.

Four very different girls, Emma, Daisy, Leanne and Al make for a wonderful mixture of personalities and the friction between them increases as the trip becomes a dangerous, disaster zone. See a Problem?. Taylor — thebookwormsfantasy! The Lie by C. The author writes with fantastic insight into her character's minds and produces a flawless, dark tale which hooks the reader from page one.

Not too long, or too short, with great pacing, this is a must read for fans of a cracking good thriller. Thankfully, the tagline does not read 'For fans of Gone Girl' which is my pet hate, due to over-use, but I am sure there will be many novels, to follow this one, which will have 'For fans of The Lie' sprawled across the front.

Sure to linger on bestseller lists for the foreseeable future Dec 28, Christine rated it really liked it. This time, Taylor focuses on friendships, with a story about a group of female friends and a nightmare holiday abroad. Five years ago, Jane went on holiday with a group of close female friends. They went to Nepal and ended up staying at a retreat. Post navigation The retreat was not what it seemed.

Five years on and Jane is being pursued and the truth is about to come out. What happened to Jane to make her want to distance herself from the past? What I enjoyed about this read was its bleakness, strangely enough. It seemed to have a great deal to say on the fragility of friendships and the sadness of toxic relationships.

Weak friendships under pressure breakdown. Jane is left alone, having been once part of a happy group of long term friends.

The Lie by Chad Kultgen

I found this all very easy to relate to. I was also intrigued by the cult or what seemed to me to be a very new age type cult and the way they tried to control the behaviour of the women. It was very well done and I could believe it.

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Overall this was a highly readable and rather sad story, about how friendships can go very wrong. It will make you think twice about going to a retreat in Nepal. Thanks to Netgalley and Avon for my review copy! May 04, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: View all 6 comments. Navigation menu This is one of the most suspenseful books I have read lately Four seemingly benign friends set out for the holiday of a lifetime in Nepal to separate one from an ex-lover whom she is stalking.

But that is not the only reason for this holiday. The main reason is known to only one of the four Five years later, one of the four has changed her name and carved herself out a comfortable new life in Wales.

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She has the job she has always dreamed of, and a promising relationship with a new man in This is one of the most suspenseful books I have read lately She has the job she has always dreamed of, and a promising relationship with a new man in her life who knows nothing of her past. For the first time in years Jane is feeling happy and secure.

But then she receives a message - "I know your name's not really Jane Hughes" This book is well written and is full of menace, intrigue and suspense. A real page turner! A tense thriller from author C. Taylor, The Lie is a story of friendship, deception, secrets and betrayal.

But I hated them all, really. Heather was the worst, and honestly, Kyle was such a dumb suck. He goes through this visceral revelation and decides bitches are just for sex, has that threesome in the jacuzzi, etc. The fuck was the whole point, if the character revelation we'd been waiting for for pages just gets reversed offhandedly twelve pages later. There was no point. There was no point at all. It was pages of "You can't. Always get.

What you waaaaaant! That said I appreciated reading this book on the grounds that it had kind of interesting parts. I liked Brett's rejection of his peers, and I actually thought he was pretty cool in his relationship to Kyle and his thoughts about the role his family expected of him.

But I don't really understand why it took a prostitute for him to get an STD when he was basically fucking whores the whole book. That part was very very confusing to me. Also, the constant use of "Everything seemed to be perfect I'm reading a book, I understand there is supposed to be a climax at somepoint, so mentioning it at the end of every chapter is simply overkill.

I've read other reviews of this book, and it seems that whenever someone says "yeah, I hated all the characters" someone else feels that need to say "well the author did their job then didn't they?! They got emotion out of the reader!There are levels. I try to create a safe and comfortable work environment here and I will not have my employees harassed during the course of their workday. I was hooked already and intrigued to find out why Jane changed her name and what did she have to hide?

The ride to the restaurant is uneventful. Just as she leaves, the waiter puts our plates down, giving me the perfect opportunity to make my move. What about you? As both the past and present narratives motored forwards, I found myself more and more engrossed in the story, often retreating to my bedroom in the middle of the day so I could read some more.

The planning is quickly arranged, finances sorted and off they go. It is when Green Fields is set alight that she finally has to face the demons of her past and can she save the innocent victims the animals while protecting her own life? A phycological thriller that mixes friendship and trust.