Enterprise 4-workbook-teachers-book. 1. Key to Workbook Enterprise Intermediate; 2. Unit 1 - People & Jobs Reading Comprehension (p. Enterprise 4-workbook-teachers-book. AndrekErki · Grammar teacher's book. VadimPiven · Enterprise 4 grammar_book. Amelia Daisy. Enterprise 4 Workbook Key - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Enterprise 4 Intermediate Workbook megoldókulcs. Enterprise 4 Teachers Book.

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4 Enterprise Intermediate - Coursebook. Uploaded by. Luis Eduardo Abella Uribe . Enterprise 4 Workbook Key. Uploaded by. Renáta Rencsi. Enterprise. Enterprise 4 Teachers Book. Дарья Колодько. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button. Enterprise 2 Elementary - Workbook Unit 2 1 6 a) 1 F 2~ 3~ 4~ S T Unit 2 - Might . 2 cheaper thanlnot as expensive as Inside, there is my address book and my.

Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Mattie Robertson You can now be your own boss and get yourself a very generous daily income.

Enterprise 4 Workbook Key

Show More. Carmen Ungureanu. Vianey Vicente. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Enterprise 4-workbook-teachers-book 1. Key to Workbook Enterprise Intermediate 2. On the other hand, it might be about someone who is very clever and started his own business at a very young age. T—shirt Suggested answers Mr Thomas looks very smart. He is wearing a jacket and a pair of trousers and there is a white handker- chief in the pocket of his jacket.

He has a white shirt and a tie on. He's also wearing comfortable slip-on shoes. John is casually dressed in a plain T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Mr and Mrs Benson seem to be dressed up to go out for the evening. Mr Benson is wearing a nice jacket and loose—fitting trousers with a belt. He's also wearing an open-necked shirt. Mrs Benson looks elegant in an off—the-shoulder blouse and a pretty long skirt. She is also wearing high-heeled shoes.

Enterprise Intermediate Workbook V Unit 1: His first customers were his neighbours and friends of his parents. So far Paul has arranged more than fifty trips for individuals and groups.

It took his parents some time to become accustomed to the idea that their son was a business- man as well as a student.

Christina Sanchez, like Paul, has an unusual job. She is a female bullfighter. Neither Paul nor Christina have much time for hobbies and socialising. Christina is in bed by She decided to become a bullfighter when she was 14 and Paul started his business at the same age.

He has short dark hair, a round face, small eyes with wrinkles around them, and he is wearing glasses. He also has a moustache and beard and rather thin lips. Lynn looks quite young and she has long blond hair. She has an oval face with an upturned nose and full lips. She also has beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Enterprise Intermediate Workbook - Unit 2: Places to Visit 1. C beach lake hillside 4 1. You can go to one of the beaches where you can swim or sunbathe if the weather is good.

There are lovely long walks and medieval castles to visit. If it's raining you can go to the Leisure Centre and swim or play. You can also go to the theatre, or visit Plantasia, an amazing indoor jungle. There are many old and beautiful buildings to visit as well as shops, clubs, museums and places of historical interest. Swansea also offers some cultural attractions. London is mainly an excellent centre of arts and culture. Blue 7. Across 2. Through 1.

Enterprise 4 Teacher's Book

Places to visit 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 1. He has written many books, three of which have become bestsellers. Julie has got two sons, both of whom are doctors. There were several people at the meeting, none of whom were teachers.

My brother has got a lot of stamps, several of which are worth a fortune. I met some friends while on holiday, two of whom are from Spain. Enterprise Intermediate Workbook - Unit 3: Stories x 5" Unit 3 - Stories Reading Comprehension p. It soon became obvious that we'd have to try to parachute to safety, because the plane seemed sure to crash.

Unfortunately, there were strong gusts of wind as we floated towards the ground, and I could only watch helplessly as Fay drifted far away from me. I didn't have much time to watch her, though, as I had problems of my own. I was about to land in some trees. As I fell to earth, my parachute got caught in a tree. Luckily, I wasn't hurt and I managed to free myself, but I had no idea where Fay had landed.

At that point I was feeling rather desperate. Just then, I heard some branches snapping, and lthought Fay was walking nearby. I called her name again, but no one answered. I felt I was being watched, so I stood perfectly still. After a few tension-filled moments I saw them coming out where I could see them: I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but I assumed they were talking about me.

I got scared when they surrounded me and started pushing me forward. I began to run, but they knewthe jungle and easily caught up to me, and steered me to an area where it was easier to walk.

I was feeling lost, hot and tired as the tribesmen led me through the jungle. After quite a long walk, I was delighted to see Fay's parachute hanging from a tree. I soon saw my beloved wife, sitting on a fallen tree, The tribesman standing next to her tried to stop heras she got up to run towards me, but she broke free.

Before I could take her in my arms and embrace her, we both began to sink into the ground - it was quicksand! The tribesmen acted quickly and held out their spears to us so we could pull ourselves out of the deadly muck. They then led us to a clearing where we would be able to signal for help.

It suddenly dawned on us that the tribesmen had been trying to help us from the beginning, but when we turned around to thank them, they were gone. Because parts of the site are very remote, they probably had to wait for quite a while before being rescued. They'd have to be on the lookout for wild animals and poisonous snakes, and they'd have to try to find food and water. Perhaps the tribesmen came around regularly with food and water, or helped them to build a shelter to sleep in.

Or maybe they decide to live with the tribesmen in their village and leave modern society behind. Maybe they find their plane, fix it, chop an airstrip out of the jungle and fly to Rio.

Suddenly, the living-room door flew open. With a sigh, I slowly made my way upstairs to bed. Cindy said that she was in a hurry because her bus was leaving in 10 minutes.

He said that she would talk to the entire class. Melinda said that Jason was having a birthday party at his house the following day. Mrs Jacobs told me that Helen had been revis- ing for her exams all day. She asked us when the package would be deliv- ered. He asked me where the building was located.

Tom's mother told him to turn off the TV. The woman begged Peter to help her. Her father told her not to talk to strangers.

Mother told us to take off our shoes. Sandra told her son to pick up his books. Debbie said that she wished she could go skiing that weekend. John said that Tokyo is one of the most over- populated cities in the world. Ann told Burt that it was time he found himself a job. Mary says that Jo is considering leaving herjob. The director said that we mustn't miss the staff meeting. The dentist told Kevin that he should brush his teeth after every meal. Robert said that they must have known about the meeting.

Floy refused to go to France with Jenny. Sid advised his mother to see a doctor about her eyes. Stories 19 20 21 a b 4. Erica agreed that that painting was lovely.

Suggested answers a James told Mary that he would be going to the post office and asked her if she needed anything. She went on to say that she 23 should lie on the bed and restfora while and that she would go and get it for her at once. The ground is too hard! It starts at a specific time and then goes back in time giving the details of what had happened, using Past Perfect.

Then, using various Past tenses, the story continues leading up to the specific time mentioned at the beginning and eventually to the end of the story. B Suggested answers The first story is about a group of friends who go on a camping trip. They probably hit a fox with their jeep and take it to a vet, who manages to save its life. The second story is a love story about a couple who are going to get married and how they met.

The third story is an adventure story about a group of friends who hire a boat to explore an island. They have to abandon the boat and are stranded on the island without any food or water. Beginnings 1. J untidy 6. C 2, 3, A, D in any order D 14, A, D in any order any order 9. They are usually caused by people driving dangerously. Some people think that accidents will never happen to them.

Unfor- tunately, these accidents are resulting in an increase in the number of deaths. In August , a fire started in a mine in Bois de Cazier at Marcinelle. It was caused by human error. Every year the disaster is marked by remembrance services. Around my country's coasts strong winds often cause shipwrecks. Traffic accidents are often caused by dangerous driving or poor visibility. This could be avoided by driving at lower speeds and more carefully and by raising public awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.

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The city was struck by an earthquake last night. The earthquake rocked the bridge from side to side. Houses, cars and buses were swept away by the flood. The river overflowed and caused a flood.

The car rolled back and bumped into the one parked behind. There was a car accident this morning; a car crashed into a wall. Rinse 9 e. Enterprise Intermediate Workbook - Unit 4: Their pet dog drowned in the flood. Her skin was badly burnt by the fire. The driver braked suddenly to avoid a car accident. The skyscrapers swayed back and forth during the earthquake. I was in a car accident last week; my car collided with another as it turned the corner. He accelerated in order to get out of the way and avoid a car accident.

The earthquake caused a lot of buildings to col- lapse. Our car was washed away in the flood. The earthquake shook the city to its foundations.

An avalanche - Many people were skiing on a mountain when an avalanche occurred, covering the ski slope with snow 30 ft. Three skiers have not been found. A flood — After several days of heavy rain, a river running through a village burst its banks and flooded many houses.

Many villagers had to be rescued by boat. Boy burnt by fireworks — A boy playing with fireworks he had made himself, was badly burned when they exploded sooner than he had expected. Rail crash — A crowded passenger train ran into the back of a stationary goods train which was waiting at a junction.

The passenger train left the tracks, killing and injuring many people. Also it is written in a formal, impersonal style and uses the passive. It is pan of a story because it sets the scene using the senses and is written in a personal, informal style.

It is part of a story because it uses Direct speech, describes the weather and is written in a personal, informal style. Also it uses the passive and is written in a formal, impersonal style. It is part of a newspaper report. It is written in a formal, impersonal style.

It is part of a story. It uses the senses and Direct speech and is written in a personal, informal style. The style is personal and informal. It is written in an impersonal, formal style and uses the passive. It is part of a newspaper report because it men- tions action to be taken in the future, uses the passive and is written in an impersonal, formal style. The style is formal and impersonal. It is written in a personal, informal style.

Suggested answers if he hadn't been speeding down the road, he would have seen the rubbish bin lying in the middle of the street. If he had had the time to avoid it. If the ambulance had been called immediately, he wouldn't have arrived at the hospital two hours later. I wish i could be my own boss. I wish I could download a car. I wish I could live in a big house. He wishes he had listened to his wife's advice. B Enterprise intermediate Workbook - Unit 5: In the weeks before, local people prepare by finding their costumes — suits for men, and white or floral dresses for the women — and by practising a special dance.

On the day, the first dance is just after dawn. It takes place in the streets of the town. There are other dances all through the day. It is a very enjoyable celebration for the people ofthe town and all those who go to watch. The clothes worn by people today are very different to those worn at the beginning of the century.

Today, a much wider variety of styles is acceptable. Trousers are regularly worn by women now, whereas then it would have been quite shocking.

Men's clothes were similar to the formal suits worn today, but casual clothing such as jeans or sweatshirts were unknown. Suggested answers 1. On this day, Americans celebrate the day in when the American colonies declared themselves free from British rule.

Preparations begin about a week before the actual day. Red, white and blue flags are hung on public 8 10 11 12 buildings, and banners are raised all over the town as everyone waits anxiously for the big parade. On the day of the event, spectators line the streets. The thumping sound of drums can be heard as the marching band comes along first, followed by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, who march waving American flags.

Police officers, firefighters and local officials stride past while the crowd cheers enthusi- astically. The sound of traditional Italian music filled the air; the people crowded into the square, happily singing and dancing; the smell of grilled sausages coming from the nearby restaurants.

At, in 8. The music festival was attended by many people. Fireworks were set off by the party organisers. Caribbean music will be played by several reg- gae bands. A TV star has been hired to open the Battle of Flowers. Colour photos ofthe carnival are being published by the local newspapers.

The national anthem was sung at the beginning of the ceremony. Seats for the parade had to be reserved by spectators well in advance. Their house had been decorated with balloons and streamers. Vanilla gave the flavour. What was the cake filled with? Who is the festival going to be opened by? What was the turkey stuffed with? It is expected that 10, people will attend the festival. This festival has been reported to be the largest in the world. It has been reported that this festival is the largest in the world.

The fair is expected to raise enough money for the children's hospital. It is expected that the fair will raise enough money for the children's hospital. The festival is believed to have first been celebrated in the 12th century.

The parade is said to have been the best ever. It is said that the parade was the best ever. They have had John's suit delivered. They have had Susan's dress designed. They are having the invitations sent out. They are having the flowers arranged. Para 2 a carton of milk, apple juice, orange juice closing remarks: Para 3 reason you are writing: I would be 2 an 5 some 8 a 11 a grateful if you could send me some further 3 an 6 a 9 an 12 some information as I am interested in working as a fruit plcker this summer.

First of all, your advertisement states that the There are some eggs in the fridge. I There isn't any butter in the fridge. In addition to this, regarding There isn't any milk in the fridge. I have There aren't any strawberries in the fridge worked on my uncle's farm during my school There isn't any mayonnaise in the fridge. There are some sausages in the fridge. Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you soon. There aren't any eggs in the fridge.

There are 3 F How many oranges do you need? There are a few grapes left in the fridge. Are there any olives on that pizza? Suggested answer 15 1 should ask 4 should stay Introduction 2 shouldn't spend 5 shouldn't eat The purpose of this report is to assess the new 3 should phone Fontana's Pizza House in Sunford, which I visited on 13th January. I tried the Hawaiian Special which 4 You shouldn't keep the fish in a small fish tank. However, the menu was rather boring. Service The staff at Fontana's were very friendly during my 17 1 watch 4 finds visit.

However the music at the restaurant was turns bad. However, I think the manager should make a few changes.

Firstly, he 19 A 1 Would you like 2 would like should add some different dishes to the menu, so that customers have a more varied selection to choose B 1 Can l help 2 Do you want from. Secondly, he should train his staff to work faster. Dialogue A takes place in an expensive restaurant. Finally, he should play quieter music, to give Dialogue B takes place in a fast-food restaurant. What's wrong?

I've got a stomach ache. I'm in hospital! I'm in the City had already made 12 locked General, in ward 17 and I've been here since washed 13 had already had Sunday.


I've scalded my arm --but don't worry. I was boiling some water when the pan fell was planting 6 was fixing off the stove and all the water went on my arm. I was lucky that my sister was with me.

She Ann called for a taxi after she had packed her took me straight to the hospital.

Pam and Tom went to the funfair as soon as Now it is in a bandage and I'm not allowed to get it they had finished their homework. The doctors and nurses have been very nice.

By the time we arrived at the harbour, the boat Anyway, the doctors have said I can go home had already left.

When Thomas entered the stadium, the I hope you and your family are well. Please football match had already started. I didn't start reading my book until I had done all the washing-up.

Yours, She had just gone to sleep when her brother Tom came round to see her. The burglar had left with the painting before the police arrived. Unit 8 - A Brush with Donger pp. To own a diamond necklace. She picked up the bag and pulled off his mask. Hans VanBurg stopped her to thank her for her bravery and to give her a diamond necklace. She was delighted. Enterprise 2 Elementary - Workbook Unit 9 14 a Suggested answers 5 a 1 A festival is being held next month.

It was a hot summer morning in the site 2 Ray has decorated the room. Rainforest and Nigel James and hls parrot 3 Jenny will repair the fence tomorrow.

Polly were sitting outside his hut having 4 People admire the Eiffel Tower for its unusual breakfast. After he had finished eating, Nigel decided to go for a walk. He put on his hat and went to explore the rainforest.

Polly followed Nigel and 6 1 b Champagne is made in this country. France landed gently on his shoulder. He stood still because he was b English and French are both spoken there.

Polly flew off Nigel's shoulder, plcked Canada up the snake and dropped it from high above 3 a The Acropolis is visited by many tourists. Greece life, my friend," he said to the parrot. His parrot wasn't just a pet - she was a hero. Unit 9 - A World al Wonders pp.

B 4 made 5 open 6 visited C 7 named 8 performed D 9 carved 10 situated Julie didn't Always take warm, waterproof clothing with you.

If have to make the sandwiches. Julie had to download a film for the camera. Never go sailing without a lifejacket. If you don't 4 Mark didn't have to wash the picnic blanket. Julie didn't have to Never sail close to rocks. If you hit a rock, you bring a football. Never sail near swimmers. If you sail where people are swimming, you might hurt somebody. I could sing, swim, dance and read. I couldn't play tennis, play a musical instrument, use a computer, ride a bike or speak English.

Unit 11 - Our Precious Plonet So do I, but I don't have to water the plants. Neither do I. If chemicals from aerosol cans in any order you don't, you might get into trouble and nobody will know where you are. If you don't, it could get cold and you water shortage recycled paper might freeze to death. If you do, acid rain you might fall into the water and drown. If you do, you could Ss' own answers destroy your boat, hurt yourself and drown. If you do, you could 5 1 clean 2 rare 3 new 4 heavy hurt somebody.

If you don't you could sail into a storm. C If Bill won a million pounds, he would go on a Always tell somebody where you are going. If you cruise.

V Enterprise 2 Elementary - Workbook Unit I I 8 Suggested answers 14 a 1 The beach at Cregness has become one of 2 If people didn't waste water, there wouldn't be the least attractive beaches in the country serious water shortages in many parts of the as it is covered in litter, oil and factory world. I wouldn't 'use my car. I would travel round the world. I wouldn't behave rudely to my parents. I would have more free time. I would keep a dog. Para 2 wear - type 1 state the problem: Para 3 ate - type 2 recycled - type 2 summarise writer's opinion: Para 4 were - type 2 1 1 Suggested answers b Suggested answers If I lived in the city, I would go to the cinema every week.

If I lived in the city, I would make lots of friends. Shall l give money to help save snakes? No, if I were you, I'd give money to help Governments could help by educating save bears.

This would 3 SA: Shall l get a rabbit? No, if I were you, I'd get a cat. Shall I eat some chocolates? Governments should also encourage people to SB: No, if I were you, I'd eat some grapes. By doing this, they would help new forests to grow and people would be able to 6 2 b A ski instructor is someone who works on a earn money by helping the environment rather ski slope.

Unit 12 - Holidoys with a Dillerenee pp. On a sunny day, I would prefer to go on a 6 a A sauna is a place where you can sit In hot picnic. On a rainy day, I would prefer to stay indoors 7 d A restaurant is a place where you can enjoy and read a book.

On a windy day, I would prefer to go sailing. Where are the fish located? Where are the elephants located? The elephants are located in the north- play computer games east section of the zoo. Where are the giraffes located? The giraffes are located in the west 2 from 4 at 6 of 8 with section of the zoo.

Where are the penguins located? The penguins are located in the heart of Unit 13 - loin in the Fun! Where are the kangaroos located? The kangaroos are located in the east sectlon of the zoo. Suggested answers 6 SA: Where are the lions located? The lions are located in the south-west high-heeled shoes. Where are the monkeys located? The monkeys are located in the south necklaces.

Where are the snakes located? The snakes are located in the south-east glasses. We're staying at a really nice guest house. The weather is hot and sunny. At the moment, 8 a He doesn't like tidying his room. I'm having a cup of coffee, and mum and dad are He can't stand studying maths. They've both got Julie would like to learn French.

She enjoys meeting people. Rome is a great place for a holiday as it is full She doesn't like playing chess. The food here is She can't stand dancing. I also love listening to Italian songs - they're They enjoy reading books. They don't like singing. I'd better go now. See you soon! They can't stand watching TV. We had 1 to get 3 speak 5 to go the party at our summer house by the lake. My sisters and I made the food, cleaned the house and 1 visiting 5 playing put up the decorations.

I also had to book a jazz 2 staying in 6 to travel band. Over two hundred people 4 to learn came and everything was perfect - the buffet, the music and the decorations. We all had a wonderful A 1 do you enjoy doing in your free trme time. We sang and danced to the music all night long. I know that it will always be a great memory for them.

When you reach Fenton Street, turn right. It can pick things up with its trunk. We had to get 3 speak 5 to go the party at our summer house by the lake. My sisters and I made the food, cleaned the house and visiting 5 playing put up the decorations. I also had to book a jazz staying in 6 to travel band.

Over two hundred people to learn came and everything was perfect - the buffet, the music and the decorations. I know that it will always be a B 1 you remember to collect the tickets for the great memory for them. It lives on land and in water. It can swim very fast. Heishe states 1 2 told 4 told opinion in the first and final paragraphs.

First of all, it's cruel to take away a M anlmal 's freedom.. Furthermore, keeping vl, 2 He sard that he was feeding the birds. Most people enjoy going to the zoo and I thrnk they are often unhappy and unhealthy. In my opinion, it is completely wrong to keep animals 9 1 I said that it was three o'clock. First of all, it's cruel to take away an animal's I told her that I had a dog.

In fact, many the cinema. They can't get the exercise they need and it is difficult to give them the food they eat in the Also, the weather conditions may be For example, a zoo in Britain would On the other hand, some people say that zoos can help to protect animals. Animals in zoos are I believe that dogs are the best pets, although safe from hunters, and many species which can't they can be tiring. However, Green-cheeked parrots are difficult to breed, so surely it would be better to save and protect the species is slowly dying out.

All in all, I believe that animals should not be Big dogs need to eat a lot of food and they kept in zoos, because every living creature has the need a lot of exercise. Unit 15 - Surf the Net! Have you gotIDo you have 5 disadvantages The others all refer to something Yes, I have got a lot of positive. How kind of you to invite us! Why don't you take an umbrella with you? Para 1 - but What a naughty boy he is! Para 2 - Firstly, Also, Finally She didn't forget to call, did she?

Para 3 - For example, What is more Ken told me not to use his computer. That's the dog that bit me! Fred asked Katie to download some eggs. Firstly, they can do certain points against - Para 3 tasks much faster than people. Also, they c Good points don't make mistakes. Therefore, they can be used 1 It allows employees to work in the relaxed to help workers such as air-traffic controllers or atmosphere of their homes.

This means that surgeons whose work can be dangerous or very they can plan their working day in a more demanding. Finally, computers don't need to be productive and convenient way. As a result, employers 2 Teleworking is less time-consuming. People can reduce their workers' workload and increase do not need to commute to their jobs and, their wages. For example, 3 It can have a positive effect on the in many industries, computers may replace people environment.I'd better go now.

Enterprise Intermediate Workbook — Unit Finally, computers don't need to be productive and convenient way. Love, All the best B: Unit 6 - food, Glorious food pp. What time does John start work? I look forward to meeting you in the near future.