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Health In Your Hands Vol 2 by Devendra Vora (1-Jan) Paperback. out of 5 . a site? Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Read Health In Your Hands Vol.1 (E) & Health In Your Hands Vol.2 (E) book reviews & author World renowned Acuoressurist Devendra Vora has analysed that the pressure Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Health in Your Hands (Vol 1) by Devendra Vora. Acupressue do it yourself therapy. A revolutionary exposition from Ayurveda-the ancient Health Science of .

Within 30 days he became normal and started taking interest in his hobby of painting and also in his usual chores. I agreed that he should commit suicide on the next Wednesday at 3. But meanwhile, he should take treatment on all endocrine glands and drink charged water during the week and report me on the next Wednesday morning.

Thereon that day he came with a smiling face only to inform me that he wanted to live long and enjoy life. Pituitary Gland Point no. This gland is like a master of all glands and sends orders to all the other glands. It controls will-power, sight, hearing, memory and discrimination. It also rectifies the faults of the other glands. As this gland controls the growth of the body, so its overworking leads people to become physically large in size.

While its insufficient functioning may result in making them into dwarfs. This gland also governs the growth of the hindbrain. This gland may be damaged due to fear or injury or sometimes due to tension during pregnancy.

Health in Your Hands: v. 1

This also leads to the malfunctioning of other glands. And that results in mental retardation in children. So if the problem of mentally retarded children is to be solved, the pregnant women should take treatment on all endocrine glands and avoid damage to the fetus.

Further, it is observed that in those glands and sends orders to all the others. It controls the will-power, sight, hearing, memory and discrimination.

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In case of its predominance, it helps people to become great geniuses, eminent literary men, poets, scientists, philosophers and lovers of mankind. As this gland controls the growth of the body, its overworking leads people to become physically large in size, while its insufficient functioning may result in their becoming dwarfs.

This gland also governs the growth of the mind and brain. This gland may be damaged due to fear or injury or sometimes, due to tension during pregnancy.

This also leads to the malfunctioning of the other glands. And that results in mentally retarded children. The pregnant women should take treatment on all the endocrine glands. This will avoid damage to the fetus.

Further, those children whose gland is not working sufficiently, tend to become mean, heartless, mischievous and bullies, liars and disobedient. They are even led to steal. With the proper treatment of this gland, in most cases the parents and teachers will get amazing results.

As this gland and the pineal gland are situated in the head, it is harmful to hit the children on the head. All these prove the great importance of maintaining this gland in proper working order. Case Study: "A year-old girl from a well-to-do family was reported to be stealing petty things from her classmates and no amount of persuasion, scolding or even corporal punishment had any effect on her.

An acupressurist found that the point of her pituitary gland was tender and on further examination her sex glands were also found to be damaged. On enquiry she admitted that she had scanty as well as painful menses which was the root cause of her habit of stealing.

She started taking Acupressure treatment and within 15 days, she stopped stealing and within 45 days, her menses became normal. Pineal Gland Point no. It controls the development of the glands and regulates them. Malfunctioning of this gland leads to high blood pressure and also premature awakening of sex glands resulting in sexual delinquency.

It controls the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and thus keeps all the glands and body vitalised, strong and healthy. It is also known as the primitive third eye. The predominance of this gland generates a sense of sublimity -helping men grow into sainthood, endowed with divine qualities.

These people have great wisdom and tenderness of heart, and also strong will-power and so are not affected by physical sufferings or sorrow. The point of these glands is under point no. They control the immune defence system of our body, prevent the formation of pus on any cut or boil on the body and quickly heal the wounds.

These glands help clear the toxins from the body-clear the dead cells from the system. But when such toxins and dead cells are in excess, these glands have to overwork and they become weak and tender. At that time, when you press on the point of these glands, it pains.

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As such the first symptom to detect Cancer even at a very early stage is to find out whether there is any pain on this gland. Moreover, it has also been found that if there is a pain on these glands and also on the point of pancreas, it indicates diabetes, increase of glucose in the blood. Thus, you will observe that to prevent Cancer and sugar in the blood, it is most necessary to keep these glands in active condition.

Further hurting on this point no. Increasing Will-Power: Our mind has a great effect on these glands. For example, continuous fear damages the pituitary gland and makes one'timid. Similarly, tension and worry disturb the pineal gland and so lead to high blood pressure and as pineal gland controls the other glands, it disturbs other glands and the digestive system.

In modern times, stress, tension or worry have increased and often they disturb these endocrine glands.

If these endocrine glands are not treated immediately, it might lead to malfunctioning of the other glands in the body. As these glands are interrelated, whenever one gland is disturbed, the other glands are also disturbed.

When you press on the points of these endocrine glands, you will observe pain on the points of more than one glandespecially in case of chronic diseases. Since these glands also control the mind, the will-power, so in order to get rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, drug addiction or even over-eating, it is necessary to give treatment on all the endocrine glands for at least 15 days.

Because, these people lack the necessary will-power to refrain from such bad habits, they often break their vows to stop such bad habits and are considered unreliable. However, a treatment of 15 days will give them the necessary willpower to stop these bad habits on the sixteenth day. And they will be free from the evil effects of these bad habits. He started Acupressure treatment and drank hot water in the evening. Surprisingly enough he succeeded in getting rid of his habit of drinking. In spite of many persuasions by his mother and brother, he continued breaking vows and taking drugs.

He was advised Acupressure treatment and so after one month he got himself fred not only from drugs but also from smoking and even masturbation.

If the police department tries this treatment on the juveniles and criminals, it will be possible to reduce the crime rate. Psychological Problems: Many problems which are considered to be psychological are the result of improper functioning of these endocrine glands. So, with the proper treatment on these glands, such problems can be easily solved, e. About 45 days before her examinations, her hands would start shivering a few minutes after she started studying and the book would fall down.

So, she was not able to prepare for the examination and day by day she became more nervous. An Acupressurist was consulted. He found her adrenal gland to be tenderdamaged. On further examination her sex glands were also found to have been disturbed. She admitted that she had profuse bleeding before this complaint started. She started taking Acupressure treatment and in due course passed the examination creditably. The best way to control hormonal balance, is to take treatment on point nos.

That will ensure that this natural phenomenon of menopause passes away without any side effects.

Moreover, when sex glands are disturbed, thyroid and parathyroid glands are also disturbed, leading to decalcification leading to fracture or forming of stones. As such, treatment on point no. It has been observed that in the case of the cancer, as the disease progresses, these endocrine glands become increasingly tender, and because of overworking, they become tired and eventually stop secreting the most vital hormones in the body and damage the very metabolism of the body and at this stage this disease is considered malignant, and if proper treatment is not taken, it develops rapidly and becomes deadly.

Hence, the great importance of controlling all these endocrine glands must be properly realised. If all these endocrine glands are controlled properly and thereby all the organs, the possibility of cancer becomes remote. It is only Acupressure which shows the proper way to control these vital glands in the easiest way.

As these endocrine glands are interrelated, in order to correct the defects of one gland, it is necessary to give treatment on all the endocrine glands. These glands are situated deep inside the body and so a little more pressure preferably with the thumb in a vertical position or unsharpened pencil or harder massage on the glands will be necessary.

Also controls the development of the body. Adrenal Glands Point no.

Pancreas Glands Point no. Effect of Malfunctioning Child gets sick. In case this gland becomes active later on, it brings dullness. Premature sex development, increase in water content, high blood pressure. Body becomes dwarfish or bulging, produces mental retardation.

Child becomes a bully or a liar and tends to be disobedient. Underworking leads to rickets, convulsions, teeth problems, twisting of muscles, fatness and dullness. Overworking leads to overgrowth, bulging eyes, protruding Adam's apple, etc. Underworking leads to dullness, timidity, less energy, less oxygenation. Overworking leads to high B.

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P Less bile leads to acidity and vomiting and severe headache and even increase in cholesterol level. Underworking leads to diabetes and overworking leads to low B. P, dizziness and even to alcoholism through hypoglycaemia, i.

Lymph Glands Point no. Stops formation of pus and prevents Leads to increase in blood sugar. First Clue: A warm smile and welcoming handshake is what a patient expects. When you shake the patient's hand, you get a clue about the problem. If the patient is younger than yourself, his palm should be warmer than yours, however, if the palm is cooler, you will know that the energy flow in the patient's body is less.

Similarly, if the patient is older than you, the palm should be cooler. But if the palm is warmer, it indicates that there is excess heat in the body or the patient has fever. Solar Plexus: Methods to confirm whether the solar plexus is in order or not: 1 In the morning, on an empty stomach, when you lie down on any hard surface on your back and if you press your finger or thumb in the navel, you will feel a throbbing sound just like the thumping of the heart, it means that the system is O.

Keep legs straight and the toes upright. The two big toes should be in level with each other. If they are not, it indicates a disturbance in the solar plexus. These lines will match with each other if the solar plexus is in order.

If the solar plexus has shifted, line no. Ask the patient to sit down erect on one chair as tightly and backward as possible. Then ask the patient to keep both legs without shoes and socks on the other chair. Examine the level of the two big toes. If the solar plexus is not in order, the big toes will not be in a straight line, i. If the level has not come in line, repeat the procedure till the level is proper.

Only in a few rare cases, where there is a natural difference in the feet of the patient, this method will not work.


In such cases, method no. See fig. After half a minute, verify whether the solar plexus has come in order. Review by Nandanie Dias Weerasinha : Wednesday 25 December, My niece got a problem in her womb and I asked her to press the points connected to this organ.

She is completely cured now. Also, her daughter got painful periods and she was asked to press the points related to it and now she gets no pain at all. For constipation also, I have helped several people. I too do it daily and enjoy my life without any serious illnesses at the age of Thanks to Dr.

Rating: Review by vanishree : Friday 19 July, I was suffering from hyperthyroidism and chronic fatigue syndrome for many years. After applying the principles of accupressure mentioned in this book I have overcome all these problems.

Devendra vora for his wonderful contribution in the world of medicine. May god bless him Author has explained whole metabolism of human body and root cause of ailments, their proper diagnosis and home attained relief. Hearty salutations to Dr Vohra for their selfless work out for healthy heritage to the world! Rating: Review by Gunwant Kaur : Tuesday 21 May, This wonderful book was given to me by my mum a few years ago and I only know how much I treasure it.

I have some simple health issues that all of us have with age an dif we don't really look after ourselves.This book encourages readers to partake in self-diagnosis, without having to go through invasive tests and the uncomfortable side effects of drugs.

This often is wrongly diagnosed as Diarrhoea and prescribed treatment ends up by damaging the whole digestive system. When these glands are damaged along with Sex glands, women during pregnancy and or after child birth or removal of ovaries, tend to become plumpy and put on weight around the abdomen and waist. After delivery or sterilisation if these glands function less, fat starts accumulating in the body. He found her adrenal gland to be tenderdamaged. The infant was laid down on my table At that time I was in my business.

And they will be free from the evil effects of these bad habits.