The Regulating Act of is starting of Indian acts for constitution. Indian council act of ends the East Indian Company's rule. Minto – Morley reforms . *TNPSC UPSC RRB SSC TNUSRB *IMPORTANT NOTES* போன்ற அனைத்துப் போட்டித். TNPSC Indian Polity notes both English and Tamil available in pdf format below: TNPSC Samacheer Kalvi 11th and 12th Indian Polity Book: 11th Samacheer Kalvi Indian Polity Book Pdf Free Download – 11th Polity book Tamil and English.

Indian Constitution Articles In Tamil Pdf

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List of All () Articles of the Indian Constitution; Download and read online the List of important articles of the Constitution of India as PDF. Constitution of India contains articles in 22 parts. This summary of Indian Constitution (index) should be very handy for Indian polity students. You can create PDF from any notes by clicking on the print PDF button at the post-bottom. Reply. Sunil says I want full constitution in tamil where i can get it can any one know. Indian Constitution Study Material In Tamil | indian constitution pdf | indian constitution material in tamil Indian Constitution and Indian Polity Notes, Questions and Answers and Study Materials in Tamil Related Articles.

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But, overall, there has been a balance maintained between the democratic and justice texts of the Constitution. By , when he became Prime Minister, he was about 60 years of age and had been jailed by the British for around 10 years. Despite imposing Emergency rule in Kerala in , he was a committed parliamentarian with faith in the democratic system.

He relied on constitutional amendment to ensure the abolition of zamindari on a low-cost basis and to restructure the States on linguistic lines. He built a standing for himself as a world leader, speaking and uniting the Third World through non-alignment.

When summoned by Parliament for breach of privilege or the courts for contempt, he responded with humility. Nehru and his colleagues took a stand on corruption. Future history will be kinder to him. Her advisors seemed to think that the Constitution was malleable and they could play with it to any length.

It became a political toy in the quest for sustaining power. Only the Supreme Court stood up to her; and during the Emergency, even the judiciary capitulated, allowing the detention without trial of those who opposed her.

She claimed she was doing all this to give effect to socialist ideals and removing poverty garibi hatao. Her legacy is that of a remarkable leader, but one who was inimical to constitutional values by paying lip service to them in an unforgivably absurd manner. As mentioned earlier, the judiciary is the custodian of the justice and rule of law texts of the Constitution.

Apart from its unforgivable lapse during the Emergency, it has remained at the forefront to set up a polarity so that the democratic texts are confronted and disciplined by the justice and rule of law texts.

Had the judiciary been non-existent, the Indian Constitution would have worked as an elected dictatorship. The judiciary — especially the Supreme Court — was initially characterised as an enemy of the social justice plans of the government.

(Tamil) Indian Constitution (TNPSC GROUP 1, 2, 2A, 4)

But having fought back, it invited the people to approach it directly to create a formidable public interest law and litigation to deal with issues relating to environment, social justice to disadvantaged groups, corruption and so on. If doubted earlier, the Supreme Court today occupies an eminent place.

This has not been without its critics especially politicians and business , who protest that the judiciary has overreached itself to delve into administrative and policy matters that are none of its business. It is instead advised to clear its colossal backlog of cases. The judiciary contends that it is maintaining a balance to intervene where governance is overshadowed by administrative caprice and corruption.

Equally, the judiciary has gone well beyond balancing to misappropriate the powers of the legislature and executive.

Populist in its stance, it has established its own rapport with the people. Disqualifications of Members Vacation of seats. Legislative Procedure Provisions as to introduction and passing of Bills. Procedure in Financial Matters Annual financial statement.

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Procedure Generally Rules of procedure. The Governor Governors of States.

Council of Ministers Council of Ministers to aid and advise Governor. General Constitution of Legislatures in States. Conduct of Business Oath or affirmation by members. Powers, privileges and immunities of State Legislatures and their Members Powers, privileges, etc. Power to impose taxes by, and Funds of, the Municipalities.

Disputes relating to Waters Adjudication of disputes relating to waters of inter-State rivers or river valleys. Co-ordination between States Provisions with respect to an inter-State Council. General Interpretation.

Distribution of Revenues between the Union and the States Duties levied by the Union but collected and appropriated by the State.

Miscellaneous financial provisions Expenditure defrayable by the Union or a State out of its revenues. Alex is the founder of ClearIAS. As one of the pioneers in online civil services exam coaching, his notes, strategies, guidance, and mock exams have been helping thousands of candidates clear various stages of UPSC Civil Services exam, every year. Constitution of India gives Equality, Fraternity and Justice to all.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. I am prepared for one entrance exam in pondicherry government. Join us now! The articles tamil sir. I have a question modi changes the ise of nd old notes anyone tell me according to which article of constitution he got that power or in which article it is defined. Thanks a lot to provide a brief introduction of our constitution I get help to understand it Regards Mujahid pasha Qureshi Basvakalyan karnataka. Sir how can I get your constant posted material for ias preparation your provided material most of the updated in previous year.

When I saw and studied these Indian constitutional articles, understood that we are unknown about it but right now known. I really appreciate who wrote this essay. Constitution is the most powerful authority of India.

List of 80 Important Articles of the Constitution at a Glance

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The judiciary contends that it is maintaining a balance to intervene where governance is overshadowed by administrative caprice and corruption. Sir really very thanks , it is so useful to us, thank you very much. Mukherjee and constitutional legal adviser B.

Thank you,it is very helpful me,can u post in telugu language.

Article 15 3 Starting from article 15 3 , the constitution of India attempts to deal with protective discrimination. Here we look in detail what Article 15 of the Indian constitution says.

Two days later, on 26 January , it became the law of India. We also provide exam tips and online free mock test. So it is highly recommended.