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elcome to Tales from the Yawning Portal. Within this book you will find seven of the deadliest dungeons from the history of D&D, updated for the current edition of . This PDF document has been generated by EPSON scribd-download. venarefeane.ga (PDF, MB). Bookmark Tales from the Yawning Portal Roll20 venarefeane.ga 67M. Bookmark Tales from the Yawning venarefeane.ga M.

Durnan is the proprietor of The Yawning Portal. Image: Wizards of the Coast 1.

[PDF] Download Tales From the Yawning Portal (Dungeons & Dragons) Ebook READ ONLINE

New DMs start with very little story guidance. Tales From the Yawning Portal starts at ground zero and helps you tell your story from the beginning.

Many new DMs want to put their extraordinary worlds on display. The challenge is in balancing the world with fun for your players. Okay, I just made that last one up for effect, but my point remains.

Using the book gives your world a story to start with. Add in the quirks of your world as you go—and it will be easier to bring your world to life, because the dungeons are already set up for you to start. We want to challenge and surprise!

Many DMs, including myself, are faced with the challenge of their players having all the resources. When you can surprise those players, it feels like a win.

Image: Rory Bristol 4. Story hooks are hard!


Even seasoned DMs run into trouble sometimes with generating a plot hook for their players. It can be frustrating to set up a dungeon crawl, just to have a headstrong character run the other direction.

Creating a good story hook is critical for preventing this. If your players really want to chase the story, they will. The hard part, though, is making something unique. The Yawning Portal after which the book is named is the ideal starting place for thousands of stories by nature of being what and where it is. This fantastic inn is built over a dungeon, owned by a seasoned adventurer, and begs for stories to be told.

Tales from the Yawning Portal is Available Now!

Image: Rory Bristol 5. Maps take forever. Anyone who has drawn up an entire dungeon can sympathize with the hours it takes to create a map—and you might only use it once!

Once again, we are saved by the book. Lakes, shrines, dungeons, keeps, strongholds, prisons, and more await your excuse to use them, each detailed with dynamic details that react to how your players behave, true to the 5e standard.

These seven stories have been told over the last 39 years, from the Tomb of Horros created in by Gary Gygax to Dead in Thay written for the playtesting that led to 5e as we know it, these stories are both classics and fresh. Magic items get too predictable.

Yawning Portal

Each one provides enough XP that, upon completing the adventure, the characters should be high enough level to advance to the next one. The characters hear rumors of each dungeon, with just enough information available to lead them to the next adventure.

Perhaps a friendly NPC drawn from the upcoming adventure visits the tavern in search of help, or some element of a character's background pushes the group down the proper road.

In any case, these dungeons are designed to be easily portable to any campaign setting. Before there was a Castle Ward or even what could be recognized as an ancestor of the City of Splendors, there was a dungeon, and in that dungeon begins the tale of the Yawning Portal. In ages past, the mighty wizard Halaster built his tower at the foot of Mount Waterdeep and delved deep into tunnels first built by dwarves and drow in search of ever greater magical power.

Halaster and his apprentices expanded the tunnels they found , worming out new lairs under the surface for reasons of their own. In time, their excavations grew into the vast labyrinth known today as Undermountain, the largest dungeon in all of the Forgotten Realms. Halaster eventually disappeared, as have all his apprentices, but the massive complex he built remains to this day.

For untold years, the secrets of Undermountain remained hidden from the surface world.

Everyone who entered its halls failed to return. In the Free City of Greyhawk stands the Green Dragon Inn , which has been the starting point for some of the most successful expeditions to Castle Greyhawk and beyond.

The place is crowded and smoke-filled. Patrons talk in low voices, and anyone attempting to strike up a conversation without making a clear intent to pay can expect a cold reception.

Paranoia and suspicion run rampant here, as befits a free city that stands at the nexus between a devil-haunted empire, a vast domain locked in the irontight grip of a demigod of evil, and a splintered, bickering host of kingdoms nominally committed to justice and weal. In the battered, weary world ofGreyhawk, profit and power take precedence over heroics.

All of that changed with the arrival of two men, a warrior named Durnan and a ne'er-do-well named Mirt. The duo were the first adventurers to return from Undermountain, laden with riches and magic treasures.

While Mirt used his wealth to download a mansion, Durnan had different plans. Durnan retired from adventuring and downloadd the land on which sat the deep, broad well that was the only known entrance to the dungeon. Around this well he built a tavern and inn that caters to adventurers and those who seek their services, and he called it the Yawning Portal.

Some of the magic Durnan looted on his successful foray into Undermountain granted him a life span that exceeds even that of an elf.

Full of stuff for your Tomb campaign!

And for decades Durnan left delving into Undermountain to younger folk. Yet one day, something drew him back.

Days of waiting for his triumphant return from the dungeon turned to months and then years. For nearly a century, citizens ofWaterdeep thought him dead. But one night, a voice called up from the well. Few at first believed it could be Durnan, but folk as long-lived as he vouched it so. The Yawning Portal had passed into the hands of his ancestors, but Durnan returned with enough riches for them to quietly retire. Durnan took his customary place behind the bar, raised a toast to his own safe return, and then began serving customers as if he'd never left.

Adventurers from across Faerun, and even from elsewhere in the great span of the multiverse, visit the Yawning Portal to exchange knowledge about Undermountain and other dungeons.

Most visitors are content to swap stories by the hearth, but sometimes a group driven by greed, ambition, or desperation pays the toll for entry and descends the well. Most don't survive to make the return trip, but enough come back with riches and tales of adventure to tempt other groups into trying their luck.

[PDF] Download Tales From the Yawning Portal (Dungeons & Dragons) Ebook READ ONLINE

The foot-diameter well that provides access to Undermountain dominates the space.So, half speed, basically. In that situation, if they pour some water from their canteens on the light, you could describe that the liquid light melts away a bit.

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